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British Columbia

Map of Vancouver Boat Ramps
Welcome to Boat Launches Canada
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Our mission at is to provide a place for boaters to share information about boat launch locations they know of. One of the more frustrating things to do is find new spots to launch; this almost always involves getting the word on some launch you didn't know about from another boater.  This is an attempt to gather the information about the various public launches and provide it to boaters in an easy to use format.

The site is addressing Canadian boaters.

I would love if the users of this site can help me with;

- pictures of the ramps

- new ramps

- updated information about the existing ramps and/or info about new ramps

As soon as I am receiving your emails I will be adding every bit of info that you provide me with. But from more than 10000 unique visitors/month in the last 2 years only 9 users forwarded me updates or new places.

Please help me to be able to help you!

NEWS  We added the possibility to download the  geographical location of the ramps as a POI file. For more information follow this link:

 GPS POI file. Fore more information see the discussion board.

 I  want to thank to all of you that sent information and pictures of boat launches all across Canada. 

I will start with launches from Eastern Ontario and Quebec and I will add launches from all Canada as I will be able to get information about them. At this moment the site has launches from:

- Eastern and North Eastern Ontario

- Winnipeg

- Greater Vancouver Area

- Edmonton Area

- Gatineau Area

- Nova Scotia - At the request of NS Fisheries and Aquaculture all the boat launching pictures from the province had to be taken out Frown No pictures for NS. Sorry.

- New Brunswick

- Saskatchewan 

The site it is here to stay and I will try not to add annoying ads, there will be some ads to cover the hosting and domain name, but nothing else. 

If you know about a boat launch or if you have pictures of any boat launch (from Canada of course) and you want to share this things with the boater community, please feel free to contact me. Same if you have any ideas how I can improve your experience on this site.

Thank you,



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